Work-Life, Health, and Economic Trajectories of an Aging Workforce: A Longitudinal Research Data Workshop

Work-Life, Health, and  Economic Trajectories  of an Aging Workforce:                                      A Longitudinal Research Data Workshop

An overview and research applications of a broad, longitudinal and linked catalogue of data, including occupational exposure, health, medical claims, human resources, payroll, workplace safety and mortality spanning over 20 years for a cohort of 230,000 employees of a multinational aluminum manufacturing company, and their spouses/dependents.

Sponsored by

Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging, UC Berkeley

Center for the Population Health Sciences,  Stanford University

Speakers and Activities

A combination of presentations, discussions, and hands-on training.   

AM: presentations of existing research drawing upong the dataset,

PM: a hands-on, practical workshop exploring the use and nuances of the data 

Program Outline

  • Will Dow, UC Berkeley: Welcome and Introduction

  • Mark Cullen, Stanford University: Overview of Manufacturing Cohort, Project History and Research Data

  • Sepideh Modrek, San Francisco State University: Employment security, worker health and health care utilization

  • Amal Harrati, Stanford Medicine: Characterizing transitions between work, disability, and retirement, and implications for aging cohorts

  • Sadie Costello, UC Berkeley: Long term particulate matter exposure and associations with chronic disease onset

  • Linda Cantley, Yale School of Medicine: Health shocks such as musculoskeletal conditions and workplace injury and the impact on retirement

  • Erika Tribett, Valerie Measoone, and Mark Cullen, Stanford University: introduction to the website and nuances of the data (with papers/abstracts utilizing data to be distributed in advance) 

  • All: Workshop to explore data sets, and discuss issues relevant to individual research interests with project data experts

Participation is free, but registration is required. 

Coffee, tea, refreshments, and a light lunch will be served.