Growth Marketing Summit 2018

Welcome to the world’s premier live growth marketing virtual event!

This is your opportunity to learn bottom-line-driving growth strategies and tactics – right from the comfort of your favorite desktop or mobile device for FREE!

At the Growth Marketing Virtual Summit, You’ll Hear from Industry-Leading Speakers Like:

  • Casey Winters, Growth Advisor in Residence at Greylock Partners

  • Larry Kim, CEO at MobileMonkey

  • Ken McDonald, Chief Growth Officer at Team Snap

  • Ariel Yoffie, Growth & Product Manager at IBM

  • Brianne Kimmel, Growth Marketing/Startup Lead at Zendesk

  • David Ly Khim, Growth & User Acquisition at HubSpot

  • Heather Dopson, Enterprise Social Media at GoDaddy

  • Conrad Wadowski, Founder & CEO at

  • Amisha Gandhi, Head of Influencer Marketing at SAP

  • Brian Lischer, Founder & CEO at Ignyte Brands

  • Daniel Chu, Head of Activation Engineering at Pinterest

In actionable sessions like: 

  • Your Growth Timeline: How to Successfully Move Through the 3 Big Growth Phases

  • How to Build a Growth Culture in Your Company

  • How to Triple Your Conversion Rate by Leveraging Your Competitors' Data

  • The Early Engagement Tactics That Drive Pinterest’s User Retention Success

  • The Future of Marketing: Facebook Messenger & Chatbots Strategies That Actually Work

  • How to Hit a Home Run Competitive Brand Audit

  • The Finishing Touches: Battle-Tested Brand Strategies for Sustaining Long-term Growth

  • The New CMO Playbook for Running High-Growth Data-Driven Companies

  • The SAP Secret: How to Run ROI-Positive B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Panel: The Growth Marketing Strategies, Tools, and Tactics of 2018

  • Panel: How to Build the Ultimate Growth Stack: Marketing Operations Lessons from IBM and Zendesk

  • How Customer Segmentation Will Save You a Fortune on CAC

  • Panel: Your 2018 Roadmap to Strategic Affiliate & Performance Marketing Success

  • Making Customers Behave: Using Behavioral Cohorts to Optimize Conversions

  • 7 Game-Changing Steps to Building A Power Brand

You won’t just learn the growth strategies and tactics you need to succeed in 2018 and beyond. You’ll also get early access to the Growth Marketing Contest and the official Growth Marketing Conference Community!