Personal Vision Portfolio Development: Hometown Vision

Your home town, no matter how big or small, is full of people, places, and unique characteristics. More than likely there is much to photograph in your hometown, but too often the appeal as a creative destination loses its appeal due to familiarity. Taking part in this three month challenge will influence participants to look differently at familiar surroundings.
Photograph five (3) chosen assignments in your hometown each month. Participants will post images, along with shooting data and a brief description of the concept of your image to an established, private Facebook Group Page. Images will be reviewed and discussed online mid-month. Each month, participants must make two prints (8 x 12) for each subject they covered (3). These prints will be reviewed, discussed, and critiqued by Hunt's Photo Education team at Hunt's Photo in Melrose. At the conclusion of the three month program each participant will seek to hang a showing of their Hometown Vision prints in their hometown.
Geared toward intermediate level and advanced photographers looking to expand their knowledge and creativity. This program is designed to mentor individuals seeking to delve deeper into their photographic knowledge and personal creativity. Using in-depth discussion and image critique, Hunt's Photo Education will help individuals further expand photographic ideas and shape personal goals.